Guruji Sri Yogacharya Arun Kumarji is a master and teacher of yogic sciences and rediscoverer of the ancient energy healing technique of Pranashakthi Mahavidya. He is also Senior Consultant of Yoga and Meditation for the Apollo Hospitals Group in Chennai, India and is a wellness consultant for many corporations. Thousands of patients suffering from a great range of ailments have benefited from his “Midas touch.” For his contribution to society in the field of yoga, meditation, and well-being, the Prime Minister’s Office of India nominated Guruji for the Bheemsen Pathi National Award in 2009.

In addition to these achievements, Guruji is founder and director of Infinite Dimension Charitable Trust of Chennai, India, whose goal is empowering individuals through self-sufficiency. Most recently, he founded Pranashakthi USA, Inc., a nonprofit public benefit organization dedicated to the well-being of all through the application of high-level yogic knowledge.