Pranashakthi USA, Inc

Pranashakthi USA, Inc was started by Guruji Yogacharya Arun Kumarji to promote an ancient holistic healing modality called “Pranashakthi Mahavidya”.

Pranashakthi Mahavidya (Holistic Healing) is an infinitely powerful ancient science of cosmic energy and healing that empowers practitioners to heal fellow beings as well as energize themselves. This method focuses on healing through the areas of the physical body, pranic body or aura, mental/emotional bodies, intellectual body, spiritual body, chakras and nadis.

Pranashakthi Mahavidya practitioners and their patients will notice relief of negative thought patterns or stresses in the body as well as an increase in physical, mental and spiritual resilience.

Every cell in our body vibrates at very high frequencies, as does the rest of the universe. These vibrations are known as physical and universal, respectively. When these vibrations are not in harmony, it results in physical disorders, diseases, and maladies.

Pranashakthi Mahavidya works to alter and rectify these disturbances at the electronic level, restoring harmony and bringing about a healing that is permanent. Apana is the negative energy that opposes Prana. When Apana accumulates in our bodies, it causes different diseases and sufferings. Pranashakthi Mahavidya works to expel the Apana, which restores balance and brings about remedy to these sufferings.